Aug 6, 2014 | Custom Business Resumes

Jobs and careers are on everyone’s mind throughout an economic crisis or GFC. Specifically, just how do you position yourself into a business type or sector that is unaffected by recession problems? Exactly what will guarantee that you remain un-affected? Having the ability to detect these areas has ZERO to do with reviewing the Top 20 present economic jobs.

Why not change your viewpoint to better deal with the economic downturn? Figure out what works and what will certainly be axed early on.

A great deal of reporters, instructors and entrepreneurial types will try placing a good spin on the GFC, asserting it as a massive opportunity for smart biz people to make lots of money. For lots of people the reality however will be laid-off colleagues, axed benefits, unsettled leave and other nasty results. The divide between the positive-thinking success stories and the jobless folks concentrating on holding their lives together is straightforward.

The big key: Recessions are a necessary culling of non-profitable and non successful companies.

The economic crisis offers a cleaning of dead trees from the crowded woodland we call “the industry”. Businesses with the passion and skill to grow efficiently will enjoy substantial success as various other market gamers languish and disappear. This is all fine and dandy, yet where are the “depression-proof” occupations and jobs at?

Even better, obtain and grow new skills and begin to operate in the”cash-flow generation” side of business. Sales & Marketing are the only locations where employee initiatives are easily determined and substantially rewarded. Yes, this could make you feel uncomfortable.

“But I can not sell!”…”Commission isn’t a safe bet”… “Sales isn’t for me”…

… these are all declarations from workers who may find themselves in the “dead timber” section of redundancy news.

Best Economic downturn rule of thumb: Those that go outside their comfort zone are awarded.