Sep 2, 2013 | Uncategorized

According to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), Houston is projected to continue to grow in employment opportunities because of its diverse economy and growing population over the next several years. Job growth in the Houston metro area is expected to rise 2.5 percent annually.

The strongest market for jobs will be the healthcare industry. The Houston population includes both young families and baby boomers who will be in need of healthcare services. Like many other cities, the need for nurses will continue to be strong in hospitals, medical centers, home healthcare and private physician offices. Other healthcare positions that will be in demand include medical doctors, radiologists and certified medical technicians. Along with the growing need for healthcare professionals, there will be a strong need for elementary, middle school and high school teachers with the rapidly growing population. The energy sector will also experience an increase in white collar jobs from the oil and gas industry.

The TWC also reports that Houston has businesses expanding in 11 major industries, including the goods producing industries. This sector consists of manufacturing, mining, logging and construction. In July 2013, the major metro areas in Texas added 21,200 jobs. Currently, the Houston unemployment rate is 6.4 percent, which is below the national average.