Apr 10, 2014 | Custom Business Resumes

The business world is more demanding than ever before, and the ‘quest for talent’ has become highly competitive. Major companies are constantly working to find the best new talent before their competition does, thanks largely to the fact that they know that hiring the right employees is the single most important aspect of operation. While employment recruiters, often called ‘headhunters’, still rely on job fairs, college employment boards, and other age-old techniques, today the vast majority of employee recruitment takes place online.

There are a lot of different ways that employment recruiters operate online, and learning more about the different options is important. Rather than try to learn about each specific recruiter or recruitment company, it’s easier to learn about the different methods and options they employ to find the best new hires for their firm. Whether you’re a company thinking of finding your new employees through employment recruiters or someone looking for a job, it pays to learn more about these highly utilized online headhunters.

For starters, the most basic level of employment recruiters online is usually just an HR department that relies on job builder style websites. These sites let companies post calls for employment that users can submit resumes to, but also allow employees to upload their resume to the database. Then, companies run searches to find the various employees that fill their openings. It’s the most common type of recruitment used at the moment, but for companies it may not be the most effective since they’ll be committing their own personnel and resources to the search.